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Why are there different prices for different usage levels?
Why are there different prices for different usage levels?
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This is perhaps the most important consideration in comparing your power company choices. Many providers charge fees in addition to usage charges. Sometimes referred to as Base Charges or Minimum Usage Charges, these can greatly affect the pricing you see on your bill, particularly if you use less than 1000kwh per month. Check your recent bills and use ComparePower to compare plan pricing that matches your usage. The best way to see the real price you pay currently? Take the total Dollar Amount due, and divide it by the total KWH usage you had that month. This will give you the same pricing we list here at ComparePower… the all-in, true-cost pricing that you’ll actually see when the bill is due.

Before ComparePower, all of us had to spend a lot of time searching calling and clicking around, reading through lots of Energy Facts Labels, if we wanted to see the true-cost pricing for our usage level. We’ve solved that issue for you by ensuring all providers displayed accurately represent their pricing at 500,1000, and 2000kwh usage levels. It’s our way of putting all the providers on a level playing field, where they compete on things that matter most, like pricing, term lengths, and renewable content. No hidden fees allowed at ComparePower.

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