I can't find my address...

If you can't find your address here are the likely reasons and what you can do about it.

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The address shows up as a business/commercial address:

If you are searching for electricity and your address shows up as a business or commercial address, there are a few different issues you might be encountering.

If you're in an apartment:

Double-check your address and make sure you entered your address exactly as it appears on your lease.

Certain apartment complexes will have different street names within the complex. Make sure you are using the street address for your apartment and not the front office of the apartment complex (which is a business).

If you're in a house:

The address you entered might be for a utility box or a streetlight next to your home.

In this case, the address you entered is close to your home address but isn’t the exact address for your residential property.

Occasionally, streetlights and utility boxes will have an address assigned to them by the utility companies close to your street address.

Double-check and make sure you are entering the right address for your home.

Otherwise, the utility company (such as CenterPoint Energy or Oncor) may have previously classified your space as commercial property.

In this case, you need to reach out to your utility company at the phone numbers below and request that your meter be converted to a residential meter.

Your home is newly built:

If your home is a new build it may still have a temporary meter placed there by the construction company.

You must contact your utility to request a permanent meter. Once the permanent meter is in place you can come back to ComparePower and choose a provider and plan.

If your home is not a new build it's possible that your utility company previously classified your address as a commercial property.

We have seen this happen for homes that were previously a business or sometimes a shed in your backyard might have this classification.

If this is you, contact your utility company to ask them to change how they classify your property and meter.

Your alternative option is to get a business electricity plan for your space.

Your address may not be in an area with choice:

If none of these apply and you still can't find your address then you may live in an area of Texas that is not open to choice and you only have one company to choose from. Some areas in Texas do not offer a choice of energy plans.

Learn about areas of Texas without choices such as Municipally-owned Utilities or Co-ops.

Utility Company Phone Numbers

Centerpoint Energy: 800-332-7143

Oncor Electric Delivery: 888-313-6862

Texas New Mexico Power: 888-866-7456

AEP Texas: 1-877-373-4858

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